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Construction projects stagnate in Bamyan amid Covid-19

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KABUL: The outbreak of coronavirus has impinged upon the implementation of major construction projects in the central province of Bamyan, local officials said.

The government has stopped Bamyan’s main road and construction projects because of the coronavirus pandemic and its implications.

The project of asphalting of 178 km road of Yakawlang road, which was launched in 2017 and was set to be complete within three and a half years, has stopped. The construction has been only completed by 20 percent thus far, according to officials. The avenue will connect Bamyan to the neighboring Samangan province. The construction of Bamyan-Baghlan Highway launched in 2018 has also not been completed.

Head of the provincial public affairs, Mohammad Ali Sharistani said that the project should be re-launched with the observation of medical recommendation and social distance. “They blame the coronavirus and halt the project,” he added. “I held several meetings with the companies to restart the projects but I don’t know when the project is going to be started.”

He said that the engineers, who were working on the projects, are in China. According to initial founds, their visas applications have been denied, he added.

Some members of the Bamyan provincial council has expressed concerns over the suspension of these projects, calling on the government to make all-out efforts in regards.

“It has been over two years but the project is still about 20 percent completed,” said Ali Hashimi, head of the provincial council.

On the other hand, head of the in charge company, who signed the contract, said that reconstruction work would be restarted next week.

Due to the extreme cold weather, he said that there is a very limited time for contrition work in Bamyan compare to other provinces in the country.

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