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Convoy of electoral materials attacked in Balkh

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KABUL: A convoy of trucks carrying electoral materials to Samangan province, came under armed attack in the neighboring province of Balkh, officials in Samangan said Saturday.

The trucks were heading to Dara-e-Soof district in Samangan and faced attack in Balkh’s district of Keshenda. Officials said that two soldiers of an escort team were injured and a military tank was damaged, but the materials remained undestroyed.

The process of transporting of electoral materials to the provinces began on August 30 and was supposed to end on September 13, according to electoral calendar, which says the materials would be then taken to the districts.

Abdul Yaqin Ahmadi, district governor for Dara-e-Soof, said Saturday that the army was carrying electoral materials on Friday from Mazar-e-Sharif city, the provincial capital of Balkh to the lower and upper Dara-e-Soof districts in Samangan.

Ahmadi said the convoy came under attack by armed opposition groups in the Rigi pass of Balkh’s Keshenda district.

He added that two soldiers were slightly wounded and one of their tanks was damaged, but they managed to reach to the center of the lower Dara-e-Soof district by evening.

Parts of the materials are planned to be transported to the upper Dara-e-Soof district on the next days.

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