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Coronavirus hampers HIV treatment in Afghanistan

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KABUL: The coronavirus pandemic has hampered treatment of the HIV/AIDS patients in Afghanistan, the ministry of public health says.

An HIV patient, who spoke anonymously, said Tuesday that he felt the illness some five years ago and the doctors confirmed that he was infected by the disease.

“I felt pain all over my body first that was followed by losing weight,” he said.

“Our people have less awareness about the HIV. The doctor kept a five-meter distance from me when he told me at the Jomhuryat hospital that I had HIV. He wore mask and asked me to wear too. Our people do not know about the disease and we the patients have to hide our problems.”

He even doesn’t know how he was infected with the HIV.

HIV targets people through sexual affairs, blood granting and from pregnant mothers to their children.

7,749 people are infected with the HIV in Afghanistan, according to health reports. More than 3,000 of them have been registered by the public health ministry with 761 of them women.

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