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Corrupt officers will be dismissed: Barmak

AT-KABUL: Interior minister admitted for the first time that some of police officers have hands in the illegal activities, while police have had faced frequent criticisms of violating the law.

“I have asked the intelligence section of the ministry to dismiss corrupt officers,” Wais Barmak said. “People are right to complain that police are involved in crimes.”

“I admit that some officers are involved in crimes and I have asked the intelligence section to dismiss the corrupt officers.”

President Ashraf Ghani said earlier that “basic reforms” was needed to remove distance between police and people.

Interior minister, however, said that despite several problems, police have achievements. “The graph of crimes has decreased in the past three months in Kabul city and we will make decision about some police chiefs.”

But security experts said that the achievements are symbolic and basic works are far from being done. “There are robberies near police checkpoints, there are murders near checkpoints. Isn’t this a problem?” said Zazai, a security expert.

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