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Corruption – an obstacle to Afghanistan’s development: US

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KABUL: US ambassador to Kabul, John Bass on Sunday expressing frustration over endemic corruption, said that foreign aids have not been spent in the proper ways and the money has ended up for personal interests by a “certain number of Afghans”.

Addressing an event on International Anti-Corruption day at Presidential Palace, Bass said that international community’s assistant will not continue unless there are serious actions adopted to curb corruption. 

Expressing frustration about administrative fraud, Bass called corruption one of the disappointed phenomenons for the US representatives in Afghanistan. 

He called corruption a great obstacle against Afghanistan’s developments as the Afghan officials have so for been failed to take remarkable steps for fighting it.

However, at the same time he cited optimism about some achievements by the Afghan government in the fight against corruption.

Referring to the peace process, US ambassador said, “May this agreement is failed because our government, other governments and a number of international organizations are not ready to prepare financial supports to make the deal successful between two sides because the governments and our organizations and private sectors have lost their trust.”

According to him, the distrust follows the administrative corruption and misuse of foreign aids in Afghanistan by some certain individuals.

He emphasized that widespread corruption has posed the international community to halt its aids and supports to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani has expressed appreciation about the international aids and supports to Afghanistan and called on the international community to root out the administrative corruption in the country.

“Every accurate and beneficial suggestion by the international community is not considered an objection, as a positive and proper step between two allies and that our future based on common interest of countering the terrorism, and criminal networks and administrative corruption.”  

He has also underscore some achievements in legislation and judicial systems to pave the ground for fighting the corruption but said that there were still high challenges against the process.

The administrative corruption and bribery has raised massive concerns among the national and international organization and officials as Afghanistan is still among top ten corrupted countries.

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