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Corruption cripples Ministry of Public Health: Activists

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: The Civil Society Network and Political Activists (CSNPA) disclosed a document claiming that Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) faced with serious corruptions.

Members of the network on Wednesday in a press conference alleged that they have accessed to a credible document about extensive corruption in the public health ministry.

Mujtaba Paikan, member of CSNPA said that within past one half year majority of the high positions in the MoPH were filled through favoritism and political relationship.

“The admin and finance deputy minister in MoPH, Ahmad Jawad Usmani in a formal report to the ministry of public health criticized from existence of broad corruption and asked the minister to eliminate the corruption in this administration,” he said

The 11- page report explains misusage in engagement process by ministers’ consultants , ghost departments and illegal traveling of consultants in the international conference, lack of close cooperation between high officials and disrespect against presidential decree and informal deputy ministers positions.

Paikan said that CSNPA has received the document from the MoPH and demonstrating that the ministry of public health facing with seriously and extensive corruption.

Usmani added that these consultants who also work illegally in the deputy ministry positions participated in many formal international conferences and sessions instead of minister which is quite violation of the law.

“There is a ghost office named Health Information and evaluation department and a person was engaged illegally for this ghost office to take its advantages,” he asserted.

Najibullah Mojadidi, another member of the body claimed that existence of corruption and favoritism inside the government resulted to insecurity and escape of youth from the country.

He said that violation of the law, corruption, insecurity, nepotisms in the National Unity Government create distrust between government and people and the gap is increasing.

“If the governments do not take practical action against these issues, it would create great danger and threat against government, he warned.

“Government administration becoming political Capacity Building for Results Program is a fake program without relationship with branch of the political leaders no one can find way in any position,” said Homayon Afghan, a civil society activist.

He asked the national leaders to eliminate the corruption and nepotisms in the administrations particularly in the ministry of public health.

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