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Council established to standardize healthcare services

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Ministry of Public Health reported of the establishment of a medical body named Afghanistan Interim Medical Council, saying it aimed to standardize healthcare services.

“The council will make efforts to standardize healthcare services and enrich medical universities’ curriculum with the collaboration of related organs,” Minister of Public Health Ferozudin Feroz said.

He said that the council would “protect” patients as well as doctors.

“If a doctor does something wrong that threatens patient’s health, whether it happens mistakenly or intentionally due to low level of knowledge, the medical council will assess the case and judge justly,” he added.

In some cases if doctors were found guilty during treatment, he or she will be punished by losing of his or her license, Feroz noted.

He said that the council would observe healthcare services including hospitals, laboratories and private clinics. “Doctors will be praised with well performances while their bad ones will face them warning and punished.”

He highlighted that the council would strive to create balance in healthcare services.

Pointing to complicated writing of prescriptions by some doctors particularly those linked with pharmacies, he said that the issue would be observed by the council for reformation.

The minister said that AIMC would make utmost efforts to pave ground for improvement of medical care at home to prevent of patients’ travel abroad.

It would promote to a permanent council in a year, he mentioned.

“The interim medical council will pave the ground for standardization of medical care across the country,” said Farida Mohmand, higher education minister, expressing her support of the program.

“The council will guarantee the rights of doctors and patients,” she added.

Ministry will struggle to grant young doctors with scholarships.

It is pertained to mention that due lack of high standard medical treatment facilities and professional doctors, thousands of Afghan patients travel to abroad and spending millions of dollars annually in the neighboring countries for their treatment.

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