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Crisis deepens sans election reform

AT-KABUL: Some lawmakers say holding any kind of elections without taking into account the political parties’ suggestions amid electoral reforms, would be a desolation that could have dangerous pitfalls.

This has came as recently political parties heaped scorns on a rigged and inappropriate voter registration process, demanding a revoke in the process and new kick-start with the use of biometric-based system.

The core demand of political parties was to transfer from Single-Non-Transferable Votes (SNTV) system to Multi-Dimensional Representation (MDR).

However, a number of Wolesi Jirga members and some array of political parties have emphasized that such trend of election is not acceptable as the chances of fraudulent election is high on the face of persist system with paper ID cards.

Mohuddin Medhi, an MP, and spokesman for the Jamiat-e-Islami party said holding of any election based on paper ID cards will be repetition of 2014 election.

“Having falsified elections only not resolves the problems, but rather lead the country toward more crisis,” he added.

He put emphasis on political parties’ position regarding upcoming parliamentary and Presidential elections based on biometric system that ensure lofty level of transparency in the process.

According to him, conditions that put forward by the political parties for forthcoming elections is very simple, but accused government of being deserted for transparency in the process.

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