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Criticism mounts over ‘incomplete Afghanistan map’in e-NICs

AT-Kabul: Political experts have argued that the Afghanistan map on the electronic identity cards is defective. Zobari Shafiqi, a political pundit has said that the Afghan nation and government don’t recognize the Durand Line, and the de facto border has been wrongfully indicated in linesrather than in dots in the new electronic ID cards. Instead of the lines indicating the areas of the Durand Line, dots should be placed in the map.

Another expert, Esmat Qane said the peoples in the two sides of the Durand Line do not recognize it as a borderline. Afghanistan claims areas beyond that line, and the electronic identity cards should show those areas.

Distribution of the electronic ID cards began by the president and other senior government officials after many controversies. But the social media users and political experts criticize the map of the country drawn in the cards.

Sher Khan Yahya wrote on his Facebook page that the map in the electronic ID card does not represent the whole country. He added that the Durand Line should not be drawn like other border lines with the neighboring countries, and should be indicated like a controversial border area by dots.

“I don’t recognize Durand Line! I don’t care if other people take the electronic ID cards or not. I will not take my ID card unless the map of Afghanistan drawn behind it corrects the Durand Line by showing it with dots.”

Other users also say that such sensitive matters should be explained very carefully.

Zobair Shafiqi, a political expert said: “I think that the electronic ID cards have basic problems. Nationality should be mentioned permanently and other necessary things should also be mentioned. Durand Line doesn’t recognize our nation and government, so it should be drawn by dots.”

He suggested correction in the map drawing in the electronic ID cards, calling it easy.

EsmatQane, another analyst said Pakistan was not recognized by Afghanistan since its formation, and the governments of Afghanistan did not want to recognize it because it has grabbed our areas.

“This is a controversial area and is a key matter for Afghanistan,” he said, adding that more people inside Pakistan do not recognize Durand Line either.

He added that Durand Line was a matter of dignity for Afghans, so, it should be corrected in the map on the electronic ID cards like dots to show the controversy.

Eshaq Atmar, another expert, said that Afghanistan should refer to international conventions if it does not recognize the existing map and change the map to the liking of people.

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