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Cross-Durand Line incursions: Kabul vows retaliation

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The Recent wave of devastating terror attacks in Kabul and cross-Durand Line rocket shelling by Pakistani army have enraged the Afghan government. The Ministry of Defense said that they will not remain silent and will give Pakistan a tit-for-tat response.

Deputy Chief of Army Staff, Murad Ali Murad, said that cross-Durand Line incursions and killing of innocent civilians was not acceptable to Afghan security forces.

“We are not willing to enter a war, but we see that our neighboring country is supporting militancy in Afghanistan,” he said. Murad stressed that it is the duty of Afghan security forces to ensure safety of their people.

While talking at graduation ceremony of 400 cadets of the Kabul Military Academy, Murad vowed retaliation against cross-Durand Line rocket attacks of Pakistani army.

The remarks come at a time that wave deadly terrorist attacks in Kabul recently killed and injured more than 400 innocent civilians. Moreover, Pakistan’s cross-Durand Line incursions in Kunar and Paktika province erupted fighting between Afghan security forces and Pakistani army.

Atiqullah Amarkhel, a military analyst, told Azadi Radio that in a bid to cut Pakistan’s hand from interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, Kabul should overcome its internal differences.

“If Afghanistan resolved its political, economic and social problems, it will turn into a strong country, then Pakistan will not be able to interfere in its internal affairs,” he stressed.

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