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‘Culprits of Sar-i-Pul massacre would be brought to book’

AT-KABUL:  Presidential Palace in a statement has strongly condemned terrorist and barbaric act of the Taliban militants for carrying out massacres of more than 30 civilians, including women and children in northern Sar-i-Pul province.

Taliban’s inhuman acts of terrorism and genocide of innocent Afghan people are parts of war crimes, and clear cut of violation to human rights that they are committing on day to day basis, the statement added.

According to statement, these war criminals (Taliban) have changed their war strategy by targeting innocent women, children and holy places like mosques after they lost courage and capability to face the brave and patriotic Afghan security and defense forces in battlefield.

Such type of heinous acts by militants are adding to expose their real terrorist faces and accelerating hatred against them among the general masses, the statement furthered.

According to statement, the National Unity Government (NUG) has assured the public that a free and fair investigation would be initiated into the matter of this sadden and inhuman act of barbarism, aimed at bringing the culprits into the court of justice.

Moreover, President Ashraf Ghani has extended his deepest condolence and thoughts to the families of victims, wished highest place for martyrs in paradise and prayed for early recovery of the injured, the statement underlined.

Taliban militants have claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Sar-i-Pul province, but denied involvement in massacre of innocent civilians. Sar-i-Pul is one among the volatile provinces where Taliban militants are roaming in a large number of villages in remote areas of the province. From there militants are conducting terrorist and destructive activities against government personnel and civilians as well. Afghan people have been facing the brunt of casualties in the ongoing international war on terror on Afghan soil. The Afghan government must gear up its domestic and diplomatic efforts to achieve support of common people and international community against the safe havens and terror sponsor states. The US-led NATO member countries must not be silent spectators against the ongoing genocide of Afghan people. Time has arrived for them to start crackdown on terror sponsor states by hitting the sanctuaries and breeding nurseries, existing in the hostile neighborhood of Afghanistan. Elimination of terrorist hideouts is very much necessary for durable peace and stability not only in Afghanistan but in the region.

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