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Culture of acceptance important toward stability: Rana Think Tank

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Experts participated in Rana Think Tank monthly session on Saturday had expressed concern over current crisis and called accepting of each other the only remedy to lead the country toward stability and development.

Political and social experts, who attended Rana Think Tank monthly session said that discord and sectarianism are the main factors behind all crisis across the country. They believed that in the past four decades Afghans were involved in conflict under the pretext of tribalism, sectarianism, language, religion and party significant. Most of the enemies used the mentioned issues as tools and fun the flame of war in the country. Pointing to recent changes in the past one month particularly return of Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to Kabul, they said that it is required of each Afghan to boost up the culture of accepting each other in order to be a powerful nation as well as lead the country toward durable stability in future.

“In advance all Afghans must push aside tribal, language, religion and party sensitivities and be prepared to real homemade changes in order to bring stability in the country,” said Professor Qasem Jamdar.

He said that still we are witnessed for discord over different language, party and tribes issues in different part of Afghanistan.

Pointing to return of HIA leader to Kabul, urged all parties to accept each other and not fuel the flame of discord and violation anymore across the country.

Head of Center for Regional Strategic Studies Rafiullah Niazi while terming return of HIA leader Hekmatyar a positive step, said that any armed group joining peace process must be welcomed.

Hinting to recent protest against HIA party, he said that all the parties were involved in different crimes not only HIA, so if the criminal should be brought before justice, then all criminals from all parties involved in crimes since 1350 till now should be accountable before people.

Fanning flame of discord divided Afghan people enough in the past 17 years, thus it is required of all Afghans to learn how to accept each other, he added.

He insisted that through discord and conflict we won’t able to build our country, only accepting each other and unity is the remedy to lead this country toward peace and development.

Expert Jamal-U-Rahman said that any Afghan political figure return to Afghanistan is at the favor of Afghans.

He said that returning of Afghan cause to Pakistan impact decrease, so we have only two alternative first live together in peace, second fight with each other.

He urged all people and parties to keep unity to have a better future in the country.

Sarwar Ahmadzai said that Afghan leaders besides thinking for power and position must take step to boost up education opportunities in the country.

He said that it is required of leaders to foster afghan economic in the country in order to reach to stability.


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