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Cynicism over election transparency deeps

AT-KABUL: The Coalition for the Rescue of Afghanistan, a newly formed alliance consisted of three major political parties, threatened that it would form an interim government if President Ashraf Ghani’s administration fails to hold a transparent legislative election slated to be held in October.

The coalition was formed by Hezb-e-Wahdat Islami, Jonbesh Milli Islami and Jamiat Islami last year in Turkey. Powerful jihadi leaders turned politicians such as Mohammad Mohaqqeq, Abdul Rashid Dostum, Atta Noor and Salahuddin Rabbani are the founders and leaders of the coalition.

Dostum is in exile in Turkey after he was accused of misbehavior with an Uzbek minority leader in 2016. The coalition leaders also called on the government to let Dostum come back, otherwise they would bring him home.

Mohaqqeq and Noor said Sunday in northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif that president Ghani was playing the ‘hide and seek’ that would harm Afghanistan.

Mohaqqeq claimed that the ministers from their political alliance do not have job safety in the cabinet.

Atta said that they would form an interim government if the government did not hold a transparent election.

The coalition leaders also strongly criticized Ghani for recent arrest of a powerful police chief and Dostum’s special representative Nezamoddin Qaisari. Qaisari was arrested last week by president’s special guard force in Maimana city, provincial capital of northern province of Faryab.

His arrest sparked huge protests by the people of Faryab. The coalition leaders announced support to the protest. They said that nobody has the right to exile others and Dostum should be recalled home.

The leaders of coalition who are from the non-Pashtoon ethnicities, alleged that president Ghani tries to provoke Pashtoons against other ethnic groups only for his personal advantages.

Babor Farahmand, from Dostum’s office threatened they would expand the protests to Kabul if their demands were not met by the government.

He said that Ghani was using army and commando unit as his personal servants and arrested the person who was fighting Taliban and Daesh terrorist group in the area.

Farahmand added that soldiers from Uzbek minority would be called to desert their jobs in the army and join the protestors in Faryab.

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