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DAB received second $40 million aid package in a week


Kabul: The Central Bank of Afghanistan known as (DAB) announced the receipt of the second package of 40 million dollars during this week.

A package worth 40 million dollars arrived in Kabul yesterday. So far, 11 packages worth 40 million dollars have reached Afghanistan.

According to Central Bank statistics, the total amount of cash aid from the international community after the domination of Afghanistan by the Islamic Emirate reaches more than one billion and 393 million dollars.

This amount of money is kept in a private commercial bank.

There is no information about how these aids are used and how much has been used so far.

The Office of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) says that the aid is deposited in a commercial bank and will not be given to the Taliban.

After the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, Afghanistan’s foreign assets were frozen and the country’s access to international banks was blocked. This restriction resulted in a liquidity crisis and led to a sharp decline in the value of Afghanistan’s national currency.

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