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DABS failed to recover AFN3.3b from electricity defaulters

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), a state-run electricity structure on Monday released a list revealed that shows government officials, members of parliament and powerful figures have owed AFN3.3 billion for electricity bill only in Kabul.

“Governmental offices owed AFN 1.6 billion, factories AFN 783 million and residential houses AFN 947 million,” said Abdul Rahman Mohmand, head of Breshna Sherkat for Kabul branch.

He said that AFN 700 million is unpaid by those government and powerful figures who denied to clear the payments.

DABS shared a list of those people who refused to clear payments. In the list mentioned that first vice president General Abdul Rashid Dustom owes over AFN 34 million, Ustad Sayyaf office owed AFN 361,000, General Nawroz AFN 857,243, Noorin TV channel AFN 3,577,235, General Dawood’s house AFN 172,833, Karim Khalili over AFN 5 million, members of Parliament Naser AFN 299,030, Abdu Rahim Ayobi AFN 254,365 and Lalli Hamidzai owes over one million Afghani.

Number of powerful figures and addresses of their houses also noted down in the list, who refused to clears owes.

DABS warned those people, who are indebted to clear their bills otherwise will face legal action.

“If the people did not clear their bills, DABS will seek help from police and attorney office in collecting the debts,” said Head of Relation and Publication Department of DABS Wahid Tawhidi.

He said that DABS also discussed with the Ministry of Finance in order to earn its loans from governmental office through allocation budgets.

He also requested from governmental organs to reduce their utilization from electricity in order to enable for affording bills on time.

Meanwhile, Tawhidi asked Kabul people not to use more electronic tools during winter and avoid of overloading power stations.

He said that if the people use more electronic tools, DABS will be obliged to increase electricity cut off in Kabul.

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