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Daesh a foreign phenomenon, imported from abroad: Karzai

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KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai has flayed the Daesh or so-called Islamic State (IS) group presence in Afghanistan, sarcastically noting that the terrorist group was transported here through the sky.

Addressing the Raisina Dialogue participants in India, Karzai ironically said Daesh descended from the sky into Afghanistan, adding everybody knew who controlled the airspace of the country.  

The US had come with the intention to eradicate terrorism in Afghanistan but during the superpower’s presence here, not only this deadly phenomenon was suppressed but Daesh rose to power and gained footprint, he stated.

Karzai ruled out the ongoing war in Afghanistan as being an infighting or a civil war, saying it was something imposed from outside victimizing only Afghans.

“It’s not our fight. Why should people and Taliban be killed? There are other circles who force Afghans to kill each other.”

“We can’t decide our fate unless we reach peace. We can neither conduct transparent elections nor can we resolve decisive issues.”

Talking about the bordering countries, Karzai also reflected on the importance of good relations with the neighboring countries, adding relations with Iran and Pakistan were consequential and hence more important for Afghanistan’s stability.

“Pakistan has the greatest impact. So peace in Afghanistan is dependent on how we evolve our relation with Pakistan. We want the best of relations with them. We have the issue of the Durand Line (border) with them, but it has not been used by Afghanistan to cause wars or conflicts or other forms of disability with Pakistan. Afghanistan cannot be peaceful or prosperous without the best of relations with Pakistan,” he believed.

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