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Daesh expansion

The Daesh terrorist group also known as the Islamic State (IS) is reportedly expanding in more provinces of Afghanistan. The group that emerged a couple of years ago in the eastern province of Nangarhar bordering Pakistani tribal areas, started recruiting the youth from districts of Kot and Achin in the beginning.

The international community having military presence in the country apparently did not take it serious at the time, despite the Afghan government’s concerns, though there were some air strikes against them. Local officials have told Afghan media that the group has recently moved to the southern province of Zabul. About 1,000 families of the Daesh have settled in Khak-e-Afghan and other districts of Zabul, according to the local officials.

Afghan security forces are in severe battles with the Taliban insurgents now for more than a decade after the militants were empowered following their regime’s collapse in 2001 by the US-led invasion. Unfortunately, Taliban have not been defeated yet and their attacks claim the lives of security forces and innocent civilians.

While the government is spending time, money and soldiers to defeat the Taliban, the Daesh expansion that is now launching attacks and bombings against the civilians, will be another challenge for both government and people. The terrorist group that is losing ground in the Middle Eastern countries of Iraq and Syria, seems to choose Afghanistan for continuing its life, according to some political analysts.

The government troops will overcome these challenges if they are well equipped by the international allies. The US and other NATO countries have frequently said that they would not let terrorists to use Afghanistan once again as their safe heaven to jeopardize the world’s security.

So, they have to intensify operations against them by helping Afghan forces. The air force plays the very important role in fighting terrorists as they mostly hide in the mountainous areas.

The Afghan air force is not yet in the position to respond the threats of the terrorists. Our international allies should pay attention to the government’s requests particularly in this regard.

The Daesh militants enter Afghan soil through Pakistan borders. The government should hold serious talks to the international allies and convince them that Pakistan is behind the new group. It should ask the NATO member countries to pressure Islamabad to give up supporting and sheltering terrorism.

The terrorists will be easily defeated and removed if Pakistan stops backing them that is what Afghans and international community wants.

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