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‘Daesh, Haqqani network still a threat for Afghanistan’

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KABUL: The US state department says that Daesh terrorist group and Haqqani network are still a threat for Afghanistan.

The state department annual report says that Daesh once active in 2018, has been weakened to expand its influence areas due to operations launched by Afghan and foreign troops and clashes with the rival group of Taliban.

It says that around 160,000 mosques are across Afghanistan, from which, 100,000 ones are registered by the country’s ministry of hajj and religious affairs.

The report adds that Pakistan-based terrorist groups are behind insecurity in Afghanistan and India, arguing that Islamabad has not taken effective measure against the groups.

“Pakistan has not done enough against terrorist groups, their safe havens and financial sources. The jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Taiba have empowered. Although the al-Qaeda group is removed in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but the group’s leadership and its India branch are still active,” the report says.

The 332-page report also accuses Iran of financing terrorist groups and spends about one billion dollars each year to support these groups for its proxy wars in the region.

The report says that teaching of extremism in Afghan seminaries is a matter of concern, adding that only 100,000 of 160,000 mosques are registered in the Afghan ministry of hajj and religious affairs.

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