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Daesh in disguise of women killed 15 Taliban in Jawzjan

By Mansoor Faizy-KABUL: Fighters loyal to the Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh terrorists have killed at least 15 Taliban insurgents in north-western Jawzjan province, security officials said on Wednesday.

Taliban insurgents targeted after two Daesh fighters in an unparalleled act of disguising in women Burqa, opened fire and killed 15 of them, provincial official said.

While confirming the incident, Aminullah, district governor of Qushtepa district, said two fighters loyal to the Daesh militants opened fire on group of Taliban insurgents who gathered in Chaqma-Choqor village, killing 15.

To escape identification, the Daesh fighters were on women Burqa with hiding weapons under it, he added.

The village was under control of the Taliban insurgents, but Daesh killed 15 of them under their nose, the district governor added.

It has been for four days that internal strife is there among both the insurgent groups, in which Daesh by help of Burqa killed 15 Taliban insurgents, and this happened on Tuesday.

Two Daesh fighters, both Uzbekistani national carried out this attack, and succeeded to escape the spot unhurt after killing Taliban fighters, Aminullah said.

After few hours, Daesh fighters conducted massive attack against Taliban insurgents, and took control of the village from them (Taliban), he added.

Chaqma-Choqor village was collapsed to the Taliban Monday.

Moreover, Provincial Governor Spokesman, Muhammad Reza Ghafuri, said there has been infighting between the two insurgent outfits in the past four days.

“So far at least 33 Taliban insurgents and 19 Daesh fighters have been killed during infighting clashes in Qushtepa district,” he added.

Taliban insurgents after receiving casualties from Daesh militants, now they (Taliban) are gathering their fighters to give punch back to Daesh, he said, adding that Taliban insurgents was making headway in two days of fighting and gained control of some areas. “But in the past two days, Daesh regain control of those areas, leaving casualties to Taliban.”

Furthermore, he informed of sporadic fighting in the district that still on card, saying five civilians received injuries. “Several families have also been displaced as a result.”

It is probably first time that Daesh fighters carried out attack against Taliban rebels in shape of women. But Taliban insurgents carried several attacks in disguise of women. Since Afghan society is a traditional society, so people from security officials to ordinary one, are giving more respect to Burqa. Women, usually in rural areas, are wearing Burqa to hide their body and face from stranger men, but militants using this to hide their evil face to reach wickedness goal.

Security forces are not searching women in Burqa due to its respect and traditional restrictions, and the Afghan masses truly value it.

However, it showed that Taliban and Daesh fighters are so weak and coward that use Burqa to hid their identity during travelling from one province to another.

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