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Daesh kidnaps six civilians in Ghor

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Six civilians were kidnapped by the Daesh terrorists in northwestern province of Ghor, local officials said Saturday, days after 33 civilians were killed after being abducted by the terrorist group in this province.

“Daesh fighters broke-in to the villages of Narkoh and Badkoh in northeastern areas of Firozkoh city Friday afternoon, abducting the civilians,” provincial spokesman Abdulhai Khatibi said.

He said the hostages were taken to unknown place.

“Before reaching of Daesh fighters to the villages, people who were already informed, fled villages, but the six were captured,” he added.

He said that search operation was ongoing to release the hostages.

Some two weeks back, 33 hostages were killed by Daesh terrorists after their commander Farooq was killed in an operation by Afghan forces to release civilians in Ghelmin area of Ferozkoh.

President Ghani also traveled to Ghor province yesterday in order to offer condolence with victims’ families as well as assess Ghor security situation.

President Ghani during his visit ordered to the security officials of the province to exert utmost efforts to reinforce security of the people in the province.

It is pertained to mention that after the incident of massacre in Ghor, recently the province’s representatives in Mishrano Jirga (Upper House) and political figures came hard on government for neglect in security reinforcement and warned government that they will cut ties with central government, if the massacre of 33 civilians not prosecuted seriously in the province.

Senators condemned the killing of 33 civilians by fighters loyal to Daesh (Islamic State) in Ghor northwestern province around two weeks ago and asked government to dispatch a delegation including people representative and bring perpetrators before justice as soon as possible.

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