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Daesh radio still broadcasts propaganda messages:  Nai

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: Nai-Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan expressed its deep concerns over continued broadcast of propaganda messages by the Sadai Khilafat Radio (Voice of Caliphate) in Nangarhar province and urged the government for immediate block of the radio signals.

Recently, the Middle Eastern militant group has established a radio station in eastern Nangarhar province for spreading its propaganda.

Addressing a press conference on Sunday, the deputy chief of Nai, Sidiqullah Tawhidi, told newsmen that they have information about continuation of the Daesh radio broadcasting in Nangarhar province. He said that there is no end at the sight to the propaganda messages.

He said that the government has promised to shut down the radio but the Voice of Caliphate is still broadcasting messages to brainwash young people. The radio had disturbed thoughts of young people. Residents of Nangarhar are afraid because the terrorist group threatens civil society activists and local reporters of dire consequences, Tawhidi added.

Earlier, local authorities in Nangarhar said the radio which broadcasts pro-Islamic State propaganda has stopped broadcasting. But Nai claimed that the radio is broadcasting messages to recruit youths.

“It is not difficult to jam the radio’s signals. Ministry of Information Technology shall take serious steps in this regard,” he said.

Tawhidi also expressed his deep concerns over creation of problems for journalists by the provincial administrations.

Allegedly the governors of Daikundi and Bamyan provinces instructed their spokesmen to share limited information with media.

Nai said that due to constraints, the reporters could not provide investigative reports regarding the provincial government.

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