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Daesh: regional intelligence behind Nangrahar massacre

KABUL: A member of Daesh group strongly condemned Nangrahar massacre on Wednesday and blamed regional intelligence for the devastating bombing.

Talking to Pajhwok Afghan News from undisclosed location, Maulvi Abdul Rahim Muslim Dost—a self-proclaimed leader of Daesh, rejected Daesh involvement in Nangarhar massacre. “We strongly condemned the attack and Daesh never kills civilians and innocent people”, he claimed.

Dost blamed regional intelligence agency for the attack. He also clarified that Shahid Ullah Shahid, the so-called Daesh spokesperson, never claimed responsibility and explained: “Pakistan intelligence agencies spread fabricated messages on his name since he does not have accesses to telephone and internet”.

Dot said that Daesh leader Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi strongly condemned blasts which killed innocent civilians.

Dost is from Kot district in eastern Nangarhar. Pakistani police arrested him in Peshawar after Taliban fall in Afghanistan. He was detained in Guantanamo Bay and later released by the US. He wrote a book titled “Da Guantanamo Bay Matey Zawlaney” (Broken shackles of Guantanamo Bay) and joined Daesh last year.

Pakistani media also reported regarding Muslim Dost as Daesh leader in Khurasan but he rejected all such reports. Pakistan, India and central Asian states are known Khurasan. (PAN)

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