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“Daesh is replacing Taliban”

AT-KABUL: Members of the Parliament say that Islamic State in some regions of Afghanistan is becoming increasingly powerful and threatening to replace the Taliban.

Parliamentarians claim that a fighting had erupted between the Taliban and Daesh combatants in Zibak and Ashkashom districts of Badakhshan province, and that Daesh is becoming a powerful force in the north and east of Afghanistan. They also said the government’s peace efforts were ‘theatrical’.

This comes as Daesh terrorists recently attacked the funeral of a Taliban commander in Sar-e-Pul province.

MPs Shekiba Hashemi and Jafar Mahdavi have raised concerns over escalation of violence in the northern region. Some other MPs have heaped scorns on the independent election commission, believing that the panel cannot manage rigging-free and transparent elections.

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