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Daesh, Taliban clashes displace 2,000 families in Kunar

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KABUL: Some 2,000 families in the eastern province of Kunar were displaced from their homes as clashes between Taliban and Daesh terrorist group erupt, provincial officials confirmed.

The battles took place in the Chapa Dara.

KhalilullahKhalili, district governor said Wednesday that the villages of Nanglam and Digel were the scenes of battles and fighters loyal to the Daesh terrorist group pushed Taliban militants, taking control of the Digel village.

He said that the displaced families fled to the center of the district.

Chapa Dara with 68 villages has been the battle scene between the two rival groups for a week, according to local officials.

Villagers say they have left all their essentials to save their lives.

Abdul SattarMirzakwal, provincial governor said that the clashes left 17 dead and 15 wounded from Daeshfighters, while two Taliban militants were killed and 10 more injured.

Awal Khan Safi, a displaced person said that they were in a critical condition and suffer the cold nights in the open space. He asked for urgent government assistance.

Kunar lies among high mountains bordering Pakistani tribal regions and Afghanistan’s province of Nangarhar, which is considered as the birthplace of Daesh terrorist group that emerged in late 2014 as the group’s branch called Khorasan covering Afghanistan and parts of neighboring Pakistan.

The United Sates dropped its largest non-atomic bomb called “Mother of All Bombs” on Nangarhar’s district of Achin in 2017 that was believed to be the main center of Daesh.

Afghan and US officials had earlier claimed of eliminating Daesh in Afghanistan, while the group has still active presence, claiming some deadly attacks against civilians in different parts of Afghanistan including capital Kabul.

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