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Danesh apologizes to Afghan Sikhs, Hindus for ill-behavior by country-fellows

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KABUL: Vice President, Mohammad Sarwar Danesh in reaction to complaints made by the Afghan Sikhs and Hindus for misbehavior by some of compatriots.

“I am called Indian. Even my colleagues who know me very well, ask me questions about India and say ‘you know India more’,” says senator Anarkali Kaur Honaryar who is member of Afghan Sikh community.

Honaryar received the Ibn-e-Sina (Avicena) award last week in Kabul, spoke about discriminations by Muslims against Sikhs and shared her experiences about her country-fellows’ misbehavior.

She said that most of people call her Indian citizen, while she has only visited India a couple of times.

Honaryar’s words were followed by reactions in the social network. Some people expressed sympathies with her and apologized for what other Afghans did to the Sikh compatriots.

Tears were dropping from Honrayar’s face while she was speaking. She said that even her neighbors do not have good relations with her family.

“Pain is felt in your tears. You spoke about the realities in our undeveloped society. I have also found out of unlimited discrimination against Sikh and Hindu country-fellows. This is condemnable,” one of Twitter users has said.

“No we should be ashamed,” Khatol Mohmand twitted.

“I saw your tears and heard your words. I and others all cried and are ashamed for what has happened to you,” Danesh wrote on Facebook.

“Your words about discrimination are the words of the most oppressed people of this land. Your tears are the tears of all oppressed on the earth.”

Ms. Honaryar has said that she loves her country and country-fellows despite the discriminatory behaviors from them.

“We are proud of you and your high human thought and patriotism. Afghanistan is home to all citizens of this country both Muslims and Sikhs and Hindus,” Danesh said.

Hindus and Sikhs used to make up a considerable part of Afghan population, but they suffered lots of oppressions and discriminations since the fall of Dr. Najib’s government. Their homes and properties were looted and grabbed by jihadi commanders and most of them were forced to flee the country in the 1990s.

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