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Danesh calls for security along Daikundi-Uruzgan road

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KABUL: Vice President, Mohammad Sarwar Danesh asked for tight security along the Daikundi-Uruzgan road, a reaction to the recent kidnapping of hostages blamed on Taliban fighters.

Danesh called on the security forces to take further steps for security on the roads connecting central provinces to southern areas.

Officials in Daikundi said that Taliban took hostage 53 civilians including women and children on Thursday in the Kejran district.

Deputy Provincial Governor, Mohammad Ali Uruzgani, said that 28 of the hostages were women and children.

He said that the hostages were from Kejran, Pato and Katy areas and Taliban wanted the return of a young girl who eloped with a man from Charchino district of the neighboring province of Uruzgan to Daikundi’s Kejran as an exchange.

Uruzgani said that the fugitive couple was out of their access.

According to recent reports, Taliban released the hostages on Sunday after tribal elders mediated.

Vice President Danesh said in a message that he was worried about the abduction. “Fortunately, I learned today that the hostages were freed due to mediation by tribal elders and reunited with their families,” said the vice president, thanking the elders and all the residents of Daikundi and Uruzgan for their efforts.
The message reads that Hazaras, Passhtoons and Baluchs live in Daikundi and Uruzgan as brothers for several decades and have shared their happiness and sorrows with each other and have common history and culture.

Residents of Daikundi also attribute themselves as Uruzgan citizens because their villages were under Uruzgan administration before Daikundi was established as a new province in March 2004. The vice president called on residents of Daikundi and Uruzgan to maintain their brotherhood and neighborhood and not to let opportunists to make rifts between them under any title.

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