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Danesh Qualms US-Taliban Deal Guarantee Afghan Stability

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KABUL: Vice President, Mohammad Sarwar Danesh rules out the possibility of the peace deal signed by the United States with Taliban militants for guaranteeing Afghanistan’s stability in the future.

Danesh called for a review in the deal, if not, he warned the peace process would face more challenges.

In a meeting with Juan-Pedro Schaerer, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) office in Afghanistan, Danesh assured that the US-Taliban peace agreement would not lead Afghanistan to peace.

“This agreement was signed in hurry under a particular condition. There is no guarantee for stability in Afghanistan and the success of peace process,” Danesh told Schaerer on Wednesday.

He said that the government and people of Afghanistan call Biden administration to take a look at the agreement, otherwise, violence would more increase in Afghanistan.

The statement comes after the US secretary of state Antony Blinken announced that they wanted a review for the deal which persuades the United States to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

Taliban who had vowed in the US deal to reduce violence in Afghanistan, are now blamed for increasing and intensifying attacks that violates the deal signed in February 2020.

The militants are also accused of maintaining ties with al-Qaeda.

The US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in a phone conversation with President Ashraf Ghani, expressed Washington’s support for the Afghan peace process to lead a permanent cease fire.

Taliban insist all foreign troops’ withdrawal, threatening to resume attacks on the international soldiers if they remain in the country after May a deadline for the complete drawdown.

The militants have already stopped talking on peace to President Ghani’s delegation.

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