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Danesh says increasing ‘terrorist attacks’ directly relates to peace talks failure

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KABUL: Vice President, Mohammad Sarwar Danesh said Tuesday that increasing terrorist attacks in the country could be the direct element of of the ongoing peace negotiations’ failure.

Danesh’s statements come one day after armed assailants stormed the Kabul University and opened fire at the students, lecturers and everyone facing them. Gun battle between the attackers and security forces lasted for some six hours during which some 20 people all of them students were killed and scores injured.

“The blind-hearted enemies of the Afghan people continuing attacks on the country’s scientific and educational center, this time targeted the Kabul University and added another page for their crimes,” Danesh said.

“The honorable people of Afghanistan know very well that spreading of knowledge is the only guarantee of preserving security and construction. Thus, our enemies have started targeting the centers of science and knowledge to hinder people’s interest in knowledge by terrorist acts.”

The vice president said he was confident that the enemies would never reach their inauspicious goals and the people who have chosen knowledge would not change their path.

According to Danesh, the fresh wave of violence and attacks carried out by Taliban and other terrorist groups against the civilians in different parts of the country, could be the direct element of the negotiations’ failure.

“The government of Afghanistan will disappoint the enemies by a strong coordination between people and security forces.”

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