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Danesh warns against ‘another war if a just peace’ not ensured

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KABUL: Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh urges a just peace in the country, warning that another war would emerge if it was not ensured.

“We believe that if a just peace is not ensured, it will not be lasting and will lead to another war by another shape,” Danesh said Sunday in addressing personnel of attorney general while introducing the new attorney general.

He said that the government had drawn a clear map about peace with the Constitution being its basic axis to prevent any rupture in the governing system. Canceling of the Constitution has been the main reason of every system collapse,” he said.
The vice president meanwhile called amendment in the constitution as a must, saying reviewing the constitution after 20 years was a need but the amendment should be in a way explained in the constitution.
Danesh also pointed to election, calling it a key in any situation war or peace.

He called justice as a large highway to which every other values end, saying that the other values would be durable when they get close to justice.

Danesh emphasized that only a just peace would be lasting.

He called for reforms in the attorney general office, saying the entity’s activity approach should be justice-oriented. Zabihullah Kalim was introduced by President Ghani and acting attorney general and was introduced by Danesh to personnel of attorney general office.
Farid Hamidi resigned as attorney general due to “personal problems”.

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