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Danish calls for serious probe into Arg sexual allegations

AT News Report

KABUL: Second Vice President, Mohammad Sarwar Danish has called for a “seriously investigation” of sex demands in the presidential palace, saying the reports and accusations over sexual abuse were a stigma.

Around two months ago, a former adviser to President Ghani alleged that officials inside the presidential palace demand sex from women who are considered to be appointed in senior government positions.

The allegations were supported by a former female staffer at the presidential palace, who claimed that she was asked for sex by some of people close to the president.

President Ghani’s spokesman, rejected the allegations as baseless at the time, but the BBC recently revealed the event through interviews with some female government employees, who called themselves as victims of sexual demands.

Danesh asked the attorney general office on Sunday to be serious in investigating the allegations.
He urged the attorney general office to disclose the case and severely punish the perpetrators, or punish the accusers if failed to prove it.

Danesh also denounced what he called “campaign use” of sexual issues as “cowardly and unjust” against President Ghani’s team.

Some figures inside the government or those previously serving in government, try to defame the president with the aim of electoral campaigns.

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