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Danish on lawbreaking

Too much rant. Too little sense.  It looks ideas and rambling rants cluttered their brains. They speak most of the times about problems and very much little about the solutions. Then it must make any sense that we are winning against all the economic, social, political, and security evils? To talk of evil is just one side of the story. And to talk of solutions and strategies the other. And when the two are combined, we are on the other side of the deadliest tunnel of terrorism, corruption, political chaos, and ignorance. The other side of the tunnel means we have left our yesterday’s issues behind, and we have entered into a beautiful tomorrow.

The policymakers and those responsible for running the affairs have a verbal diarrhea when it comes to just pointing problems, but all of sudden they fall short of brain when it comes to coming up with cures. They must use their brain faster. And it is when we will win against the forces of extremism, causes of poverty, and the reasons of illiteracy. If words were enough to cure problems, we would have been the world’s most developed and advance nation. However, some issues are really genuine. And it takes spleen to talk on them and point them out.

There is perhaps a conscious attempt to keep the general public ignorant and out of the center of designs, which is totally against democratic values. The general public needs to be well-informed about what the government wants to do.  Mohammad Sarwar Danish while speaking to legislators in the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of the Parliament) on Monday said that government officials and institutions are breaking the law. Danish is President Ashraf Ghani’s Second of Vice President.

Law breaking by big wheels of course is a matter of serious concern, however, it will be seen how the government comes up with the solutions. Danish had the spleen to point out a problem. Yet at the same time, they must have the capacity to crack down on those who misuse their official authority. No one is above the law and no one must be allowed to humiliate the entire nation by playing with the law or breaking it.

Danish addressed the parliament when six candidates for the slots of the Independent Commission Overseeing the Implementation of the Constitution were going to be introduced. He urged lawmakers to approve the candidates so that the commission can start functioning in time. According to him, the violation at times means the government institutions overstep their mandates being defined by the Constitution, and thus some individuals break the law. He had called a spade a spade.

And the need is the government must implement the law in letter and spirit. Since it is the job of the commission overseeing the implementation of the Constitution, therefore, competent, fair and dedicated candidates must be introduced for the commission slots. There must not be appointments on nepotism or any other affiliation, lest the commission will lose its creditability.


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