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Danish says Taliban must gain Afghans’ trust

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KABUL: Second Vice President Sarwar Danish called on the Taliban to start building trust and gaining confidence of the Afghan nation, warning that Afghans will never backpedal on their past gains.

Speaking in a ceremony to mark International Day of Access to Information, Mr. Danish said that preservation of republic political system, cultural values and achievements of the past two decades are the red lines for the Afghan government and nation.

Danish’s office said in a statement said that while government emphasizes on development of peace negotiations, it is committed to the maintaining of Republic system, freedom of speech, access to information and women rights.

Second VP said the government has paid all-out efforts to build trust and that now is the time for the Taliban to take actions in regards.

The statement suggested that reaching a ceasefire and reduction of violence in the intra-Afghan negotiations is one of the key issues to boost Afghan government and people’s trust on the Taliban. 

Danish’s remarks comes as the delegation of government and Taliban are set on talks in Doha to reach a political end to the longest war in Afghanistan.

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