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Dasht-e-Archi airstrike saga: Army strike on Taliban gathering spikes protest

AT -KABUL: Kunduz residents Thursday held protest to condemn army airstrike on a gathering near to a religious madrasa in Archi district, what they called attack against religious students and civilians.

Hundreds of residents of Dasht-e-Archi district where the strike was carried out Thursday marched toward Kunduz city but were blocked by security forces just on the outskirts of the city for security reasons.

The protestors who were chanting slogans against foreign forces and Afghan government continued their protest for hours in Alchin area before to return to their villages in the afternoon.

“It is very irresponsible act to kill innocent children in the daylight then call them Taliban” Mansour Yousufi a protestor told Afghanistan Times. “The perpetrators must be held accountable” he said.

“Government should transparently investigate the bombing and punish the perpetrators for their unforgivable action” Basir Ahmadi, another protestors told Afghanistan Times.

 “Around 60 representatives of protestors and relatives of the victims were invited to governor houses where they met with governor and the government investigation commission which arrived from Kabul” Yusuf Ayubi, Provincial Council Chief told Afghanistan Times.  “Officials promised to them they will transparently investigate the incident” he said.

Officials from Archi district told Afghanistan Times Taliban fighters were hitting people and closing shops of the local market to force villagers to take part in the protest.

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