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Daudzai doubtful on Pakistan’s sincerity in Afghan peace process

The former Afghan interior minister and ex-Ambassador to Pakistan Mohammad Omar Daudzai have questioned Pakistan’s sincerity in Afghan peace process, saying Islamabad is approaching its own interests in the process.

Daudzai was speaking during an event marking the 5th anniversary of the assassination of Mawlana Syed Kheli, the former police chief of northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan.

Recalling his message to the government while leaving the office as the Minister of Interior, Daudzai said the government did not listen to his calls and that led to a waste of one and half year.

He warned the government that Pakistan is approaching its own interests in the Afghan peace process, saying “Because they went via Pakistan. We have already been through that route, and we saw it. Pakistan was not ill yesterday so that they recover and step in to assist us.”

Daudzai also warned that the violence will continue as the negotiations in the format of Quadrilateral Coordination Group has ended in a deadlock, insisting that the Afghanistan issues need bilateral discussions.

The former minister pledged cooperation as he called on the government to find a intra-Afghan solution to the ongoing violence in the country, saying that would help and would be more easier.

He opposed giving more privilege to Pakistan to resolve the internal issues of Afghanistan and suggested that the issue should be resolved internally.

This comes as the Taliban group has rejected to sit-in for peace talks with the Afghan government, saying the decision to refrain from direct negotiations was taken due to deployment of troops by US to Afghanistan, ongoing airstrikes, and expansion of military operations by Afghan government amid ongoing efforts to revive peace talks, which the group called a ‘propaganda’.

The group once reiterated on its pre-conditions to sit-in for peace talks, saying ”unless the occupation of Afghanistan is ended, black lists eliminated and innocent prisoners freed, such futile misleading negotiations will not bear any results.” (KP)

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