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Deadly Daesh attack aimed defensive position of Afghan forces: MoD

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KABUL: Although the Afghan Government had earlier announced the defeat of IS-K or so called Daesh, the extremist group has recently conducted two separate attacks in the capital city, Kabul that one left over 30 people dead.

Last week, the group conducted a deadly attack on an event of celebration of a former Jihadi leader, Abdul Ali Mazare’s anniversary, where 32 people were killed and 81 others wounded.

The group’s second attack, which didn’t have human casualties, was conducted on President Ashraf Ghani’s oath-taking ceremony.  

A spokesman for the ministry of interior, Marwa Amini said that Daesh affiliated fighters were in a dispersed phase. “The issue is that Afghan Security Forces are in a defensive position and militants (Daesh) taking advantage of it,” she added.

Amini warned that the militants have a one week deadline to halt violence; otherwise, the security forces would suppress them. But the Afghan military authorities had earlier said that the security forces would be continuing their operation against other militants such as Daesh. Some military analysts said that Daesh has an active presence in Kabul.

Attiqullah Amarkhil, a military expert said, “The recent incidents in Kabul indicated that Daesh and its affiliates have a presence in Kabul.”  

Another military analyst, Jawid Kohistani believes that Daesh can be restrained but there are some circles “in Kabul” who doesn’t want this group to be eliminated. According to him, the Daesh group is abused as a device in Afghanistan.

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