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Defence minister says terrorist threats remain high amid rigorous strife

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Defence and Interior Ministers appeared before the Parliament on Wednesday to provide answers on reasons for an upsurge in terrorist violence in the country.

National Directorate of Security Chief had also been summonedfor questioning but didn’t appear before the Parliament Recent spate of violence and insecurity prompted lawmakers to quiz security brass.

Legislators took the heat up on security bosses over escalating violence and bloodshed, urging the brass to present challenges and outgoing ways and share it with the parliament.

“Every day, 100 to 200 people including security personnel and civilians embrace martyrdom in every corner of the country and women and girls carrying coffins as well as females coming out on the street during night criticizing government for diluting fight against terrorist,” said lawmaker Abdul Rahim Ayobi. He said that a defense minister failed to protect district, provinces and even take dead body of a general from enemy, then for what reason he should stay in his position. While blaming security official with deficiency, he asked the Wolesi Jirga to take a measure in order to address the insecurity challenges.

Member of Parliament Obaidullah Barekzai said that we praise all soldiers, who bravely defending from Afghanistan and people with fewer facilities. Pointing to insecurity, he asked as to why additional forces had not been sent to Uruzgan. “The government often claims that Daesh is no longer a threat in Nangarhar, but this group is still a grave danger,” he said.

Legislator Zakia Sangeenasked the security officials the reason behind high casualty toll and hostage taking situation of Afghan soldiers by insurgents. “Why a district recently recaptured from the Taliban falls back to insurgents,” she asked. Citing a report, she said that Afghan soldiers in the battlefields have not received enough food and military equipment to continue to fight terrorists.

Minister of Defense Tariq Shah Bahrami said terrorist threats and subversive plots against the country remained very high and defence forces were not outfitted and equipped enough to fare well beyond their capacity in bid to fend off the threats.

Despite minimal facilities we exert utmost efforts to use this facility and capability in proper way to defend the country. He said that totally military situation in Malistan, Jaghori, Andar, Qarabagh in Ghazni highway to Maidan Wardak and Zabul is not good. He said that we also have security challenges and threat in Qala-e-Kah, Pushtrod, Balablok and highway of Farah, in Chaharsada district of Ghor, in Khas-Uruzgan distinct, center and highway of Uruzgan, in Dasht-e-Archi, Emam Sahib district and highway of Kunduz, in Qaisar and Almar district and highway of Faryab, in Sancharak of Sar-e-Pul and in Khamab and Qarqeen district of Jawzjan province. He said that we have plans to reinforce security in the mentioned areas, which parts of plans are conducted in practices and part of it is underway. He insisted that we never neglected in defending the country and whatever is our capability we used it and will use it properly against the enemy. He said that Afghan security and defense forces bravely fight against enemy every hook throughout the country. Defense Minister urges parliament to hold a session with between security officials and a committee of the parliamentarian to discuss all challenges and threat and together seek outgoing ways.

Minister of Interior Wais Ahmad Barmak said that the conflict which started from Uruzgan and continued to Malistan and Jaghori in Ghazni is likely under control now. He said that this war is the enemies of Afghanistan war. He stated that the enemy struggle to use the strategies to bring pressure over people as well as on government through conflict and finally create chaos and propaganda in order to fan the flame of discrimination and discord among people in the country. He said that steps for reforms and positive changes have been hold accordance to the requirements in police crew. Based on equipment and logistic around 85 percent of police are in better condition, he added.He said that there are some challenges in police crew, but efforts underway for solution. Terrorists and their supports planning to mar security situation and beat us, but we will use all possibilities to defeat them, he underlined.

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