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‘Delay in appointment of governors deteriorate security situation’

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: The Civil Movement of Social Justice (CMSJ), a watchdog, claimed that further delay in appointment of new governors by the National Unity Government (NUG) would fuel insecurity in the country further and force the people to stop trusting the government.

Speaking at a press conference here on Thursday the chief of CMSJ Ahmad Zaki said that people are facing different challenges throughout the country as the acting governors are not doing their job properly and the defense ministry is also run by a caretaker.

He said that unemployment is all times high and security situation is deteriorating, therefore, the government would have to speed up the process of appointing new governors.

“One year has been passed after inauguration of the new government but most of the government organizations are inactive and people are concerned over growing insecurity, mismanagement and unemployment in the provinces. Poverty and violence against women annoying public,” he said.

Zaki warned that continuation of the horrendous situation would push public into a whirlpool of serious challenges. He further said that delay in appointment of the new governors would infuriate and disappoint the public further and the NUG would loss public support.

The watchdog expressed concerns over insecurity at a time when the Taliban insurgents recently in a press statement warned the Afghan government about their spring offensives which would start from Friday morning.

After issuance of the statement, Afghan security officials assured public that they are ready to stave off every kind of insurgent activities in the country.

“We ask President and the chief executive officer to put aside their differences over appointment of governors and translate their promises into actions as people are tired of the growing insecurity,” he added.

He said the sooner the governors are appointed would be better and would give relief to the citizens.

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