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Delay in payment of pension exasperated Afghan retirees


Kabul: Employees who have served for a lifetime and used their experience and knowledge to improve good governance, develop infrastructure now face ample of economic problems.

About 18 months have passed since the fall of the government and non-payment of retired employee pensions and authorities not providing a convincing reason to the retirees why they are being denied of their irrefutable right.

During this period, no person has been able to receive his pension. Since new government established the retirees have repeatedly referred to the General Directorate of the Pension Fund to receive their salaries, but they have always been referred to unknown futures.

Recently, they protested in front of the United Nations office in Kabul and asked this organization to help them during the cold winter.

The retirees started a march in front of the United Nations representative office in Kabul on December 30th, in continuation of the lawsuit to receive their retirement rights. In the video tapes of them published on social media, the retirees demand the payment of their pensions and say that they have not been paid since two years.

A five year retiree person told 8sobah newspaper that he did not receive his pension since establishment of new Afghan government adding that “The pension is not a privilege or a charity, it is not from the government budget either; it is levied from the employee’s monthly salary and it is his right that should be paid.

After the topple of republic government, the retired employees protested many times in Kabul and a number of provinces and demanded the payment of their retirement salaries, but officials continuously responded to their protests and requests by saying that they had sent a letter to Kandahar for order.

According to Ministry of Finance there are currently 150,000 retired employees registered in this ministry, of which 10,586 are women.

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