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Delegation visiting Pakistan for Afghan refugees

Afghan refugees live in a hellhole. It’s because their very much own homeland has been hit by political instabilities and wars during the past over 30 years. They live in millions in Iran and Pakistan, where they live as if they are subhuman. But now that they have a government in their homeland why their miseries should go unnoticed and unaddressed? Abdullah Abdullah, Chief CEO of NUG, says a delegation will go to Pakistan soon to take up the issue of Afghan refugees with high ups in Islamabad. He said after the visit the government will take a decision regarding the refugees. Of course there should be a decision. If Afghanistan wants to successfully deal with the deepening crisis of insecurity, the fate of refugees should be sealed. Tackling with the issue of refugees is a no-brainer however Kabul should call on international community to help NUG to relocate the refugees. As Islamabad has already given refugees until December of the year to leave Pakistan, Kabul shouldn’t appeal the latter to extend their stay. It will help Afghanistan in many ways. For instance, the foreign remittances these refugees send to Pakistan for their families will be diverted to Afghanistan. Foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan are bolstered up by workers’ remittances, which is protecting economic fall of Pakistan because there a growing current account deficit, driven by a widening trade gap. This gap has been there because import growth outstrips export development. Pakistan, a developing country and sixth largest populous country, continued to register growth in remittances whereas its dependence on remittances, which is nearly three times the level of foreign reserves, remains higher. Given that Afghan refugees repatriate, bring back home some money with them establish small businesses and their family members who work abroad start sending remittances to Afghanistan, our national economy will get a short in the arm. Besides that refugees’ repatriation will also help the government on security front. Infiltration will reduce as cross Durand Line movements will also decline. Currently millions of refugees live in different parts of Pakistan whose lives have become miserable particularly after the 16 December 2014 attack on an army run school in Peshawar where over 132 schoolchildren were slaughtered ruthlessly by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan militants. Among the millions there are thousands who look at their very own homeland with abhorrence and think if as those who live in Afghanistan are infidels. But once they cross Torkham and Chaman they will realize how they had gone astray as Afghanistan is not home to infidelity. When one lives in a particular environment, geography they are being influenced and the refugees living in Pakistan have taken Pakistani flavor. Therefore, they look at Afghanistan with repugnance. Soon after the attack TTP’s spokesman informed media the attack was carried out by their fighters whose aim was to avenge military operation in North Waziristan and Khyber Agency. However there is no official evidence of refugees’ involvement in any of terror incident taken place on Pakistan’s soil however despite that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Chief Minister, Pervez Khattak, blustered his blister against Afghan refugees as if he wanted to get just an excuse for their repatriation. He said that Afghan refugees should be expatriated. The central government didn’t voice in the same tone. Nevertheless it doesn’t mean Afghan refugees will live there for another decade. Now is the time NUG unfurls a biggest project for refugees to relocated them back to enable them put their share in the reconstruction of their homeland.

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