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Demos continue against ‘fake votes’ across country

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KABUL: In the wake of chaotic Presidential polls, hundreds of presidential candidate, Abdullah Abdullah’s supporters have staged marches in several provinces of Afghanistan and expressed criticism on the Independent Election Commission’s (IEC) implementation.

The so called “Anti-Fraud” protests have been launched in eastern Kunar, northern Kunduz and western Nimruz provinces by supporters of “Stability and Partnership” electoral team led by Abdullah.

On Tuesday, hundreds of supporter of “Stability and Partnership” team has gathered in the capital city of Kunar, where they have called on the IEC to nullify the votes, which they believe are not legally casted.

“We demand the commission to invalid all the non-biometric votes,” said Rafiullah Haidari, former member of senate committee.

Haidari furthered that the IEC and International Communities should properly implement the agreement that has been signed between the commission and Dermalog (private company responsibly for biometric system). The protestors criticized the government for interference in the election process.

“We want electoral justice, Republican and Democracy,” said a protestor.

The protestors warned that they would not allow anyone to make political facet based on fraudulent votes.

Afghanistan presidential polls, which were held on September 28th have created great challenges for the current government and international communities as both top runners President Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah are claiming victory. A number of electoral tickets have accused Ghani and IEC of committing systematic fraud in the election.

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