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Deportees from Turkey in economic, mental anguish

Some migrants who have been deported from Turkey to Kabul are facing critical economic setbacks and suffering mental conditions with no government assistance in sight.

These people say they illegally migrated to Turkey due to security situation and joblessness in Afghanistan, but spent months there tolerating dozens of problems and finally Turkish government sent them back home.

“I borrowed 1,500 dollars from two of my friends and went to Turkey. Now, I am deported back to Kabul and am jobless with the friends asking every day for their money,” said Hasibullah, a deported migrant, who added that government did nothing for him.

Another deported migrant is Wahidullah who says he went to Turkey illegally via Iran, tolerating starvation and thirst for eight days. He also owes his friends as they lent him money when he was traveling.

Most of Afghans go to Turkey with the hope of reaching Western Europe like Germany, France and the Netherlands. But they cannot get the chance of staying there and as the ministry of refugees and repatriates says, “Afghans face tens of problems in Turkey”.

75,322 Afghans have been deported from Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and the European Union countries since the beginning of the ongoing year, according to the ministry of refugees and repatriates, adding that only Turkey has expelled 25,000 Afghan migrants that is a big number compared to the figures of the past years.

Meanwhile, the voluntarily return program confirms that more Afghan migrants have been deported from Turkey this year. Massoud Ahmadi, the in charge of the program said that they provide some facilities to the deported migrants such as a two-week accommodation in Kabul and travel expense so that they could go to their areas.

IslamuddinJorat, spokesman of the ministry of refugees and repatriates said the ministry reached an agreement with Turkish government based on which Turkey would treat with the government of Afghanistan.

He added that 120,000 Afghans are living in Turkey.

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