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Destroying militant hideouts vital to end war: Gen. Raziq

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The Police Chief of the southern Kandahar province, Gen. Abdul Raziq, said that there was only way to get rid of insecurity and that is to reduce the militants’ hideouts on ‘foreign lands’ to rubbles. “If the United States and the international community really want to put an end to the war, they should go behind the insurgents’ camps and destroy them all,” he said.

He said that US should destroy terrorist operational centers if it wants to end war in Afghanistan.

“The US has more information about Pakistan and we want them (US) to put pressure on Pakistan to stop supporting the insurgents. The US must take action to destroy the training centers of the insurgents to end the war in Afghanistan,” TOLONews quoted, Gen. Raziq, as saying.

However, at the same time he called on the government to continue its peace efforts with the militants as well as the military operations. “Our leaders should continue their efforts for negotiations but security forces should continue their military operations to provide security to the people,” he said.

These comments from Gen. Raziq comes when the Presidential Palace assured to carry out military operation against those who oppose to renounce violence through joining the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process. “Those groups that don’t renounce violence and continue its war, military action would be taken against them,” Deputy Spokesman for the President Ashraf Ghani, Sayed Zafar Hashemi, said.

He added the government’s position was very clear regarding the peace talks with all factions of the militants including those who reject to come to the table of negotiations.



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