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Deteriorating security and political inertia

The tale of death and destruction doesn’t pause even for a while, let alone for a day or a week. There is hardly an hour where there is no incident of violence across the country. The unabated acts of violence have sickened the nation, those armed and civilians alike. On social media, on radio, on television and in newspaper anger in being ignited against the insurgents, but despite that they are there and still brazenly claiming to be the true representatives of the nation. And what we get from the government officials? Whenever there is an incident of mayhem and bloodshed, then oh, we are pounded with winded reports and breathless analyses—where there is just talk and talk, where statements of the officials are being projected as if the goals are achieved and the next day we will have a new Afghanistan—totally different than the one we are living in. But where is that Afghanistan? Because the Afghanistan we are living in is becoming a hellhole at the hands of militants. When the government officials don’t dare to visit the areas where violence is ravaging havoc, where military operations are underway, what the nation could expect from such leaders? Foreigners come here and they do visit their troops even in the most insecure areas, but what has come to our leaders? Our political system is just a messy one. Until the new leadership brings reforms, and purge the government of the corrupt, inefficient and bad pennies, we, as nation, cannot move forward. What we will do is just to keep counting blasts, dead bodies, and filing the reports to show to the world that this is what we have sacrificed in your war on terror, therefore, rain down some more dollars on us. Here is a report on security situation of Saturday. At least 10 people were injured in blast early Saturday in northern Kunduz province. The remote-controlled bomb fitted to a bicycle went off near the provincial police headquarters. Meanwhile, 13 insurgents were killed and eight others received injuries during a series of military offensives across the country on Saturday and Friday. This is what an Interior Ministry press statement says. In another incident a Taliban commander Mullah Wazir and three of his fighters were killed in Maidan Wardak. Police carried out the operation in Jalrez district to clear the area from insurgents. Jalrez is considered to be a highly Taliban-infested district in Maidan Wardak. On Friday night, five policemen, four insurgents and a cleric were killed in Poshtrud district of Farah province.

Now, could anybody from the government, tell the nation why it has been failing so far in containing the soaring militancy? Why our brothers in uniform don’t get the level of state respect and attention which is being meted out to foreigners by their own governments? The matter is politics. Yes politics. This word here in this land, stands for deception, artifice and cleverness, being directed at cashing one’s personal gains. While in true democracy, politics means public service by those elected to the power corridors by their voters. By now the cabinet should have been formed. And by now the government should have chalked out all essential policies needed to put the country on track towards peace and development.

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