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Differences deepening among senior electoral officials

AT News Report-KABUL: The differences among senior officials in the Independent Election Commission are deepening as now they have problems over appointing regional and provincial employees. The head of the commission, commissioners and head of secretariat had previously problems over appointing of heads of provincial branches.

The new problems and differences emerge while the commission has only one month to hold the legislative election (October 20th). Electoral watchdogs believe the differences would put negative impacts on the election and would divert the election from its main route.

Members of the parliament are also concerned over the deep differences among electoral officials, asking them to work together for a successful election instead of confronting each other.

They said the existing problems in the election commission could cause many more problems for the upcoming election.

The independent election commission does not reject differences, saying some inconsistencies cause differences and problems. The commission urges that such differences did not affect the normal process of election.

The commission officials say that each employee has his/her own authorities based on the law and work problems would not make obstacles ahead of the commission’s programs.


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