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Dirty politics

Since time immemorial, Afghanistan remained a battleground for the global and regional powers. Their objective was clear. They wanted to prove their might and knock out their rivals. From Alexander the Great to the current super power, all were and are focused on their own interests. No one is concerned about the welfare of Afghan masses. Afghans are only paying the price and have become scapegoats in the great games that continued for generations. Every invader had an excuse. Everyone used flattery words to convince the war-hit nation that they are here for them. They spoke as they are the sympathizers and there is good in the wars that they have imposed on this nation. Those, who resisted the foreign influence on Afghan policies and raids on Afghan homes, were criticized. Different conspiracies were hatched against them. Some were serious in nature such as rebellion.

Once their goals achieved, they were too quick in abandoning Afghans. The words that they are here for Afghans proved water-bubbles. Despite their presence and invasions, Afghans never saw a new dawn with the message of peace and stability. The more the wars were waged and got length; Afghans were pushed deep into the chasm of troubles. Unfortunately, the world does not see the fire ignited by the foreigners which is razing Afghan homes to the ground. Thousands of thousands Afghans were killed and injured but yet they are blamed and cursed.

The US President Brack Obama did the same in his final Union of the State speech. He said that terrorist networks could establish safe havens in Afghanistan and some other parts of the world. What a pity! Over a decade ago, the US-led coalition forces landed in this country to eliminate terrorists. But, this is what Afghans hear now. People shall really think before they speak. Obama is questioning credibility and motive of the failed Afghan mission by giving such statements.

Politics is indeed a dirty game because Afghans were promised of improved lifestyle, quality health and education services, peace and stability but they have none of these. They travel to neighboring countries for medical treatment. Over 40 percent Afghan children are missing out on education. Peace is nowhere in sight. According to Tolonews, about 9,996 terrorism and security-related incidents took place in 2015.  May 2015 was deadliest month because 1,026 terrorist and security incidents were reported. Now, the US policymakers should tell that could they afford so many attacks in the United States. Obviously, their answer will be negative. If this is the case then they shall stop their leaders from deceiving the world, particularly Afghans. This nation wants peace. The global community shall do this job because it remained silent over the atrocities against Afghans and never tried to prevent the states from imposing wars on the war-hit nation.




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