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Displaced tribesmen leave Khost for Bannu

Our correspondent-PESHAWAR: Civil administration of North Waziristan has made arrangements for arrival of around 200 families, who have crossed the Durand Line towards Khost Province of Afghanistan with commencing of military action Zarb-i-Azab against militants in June 2014.

These Temporary Displaced People (TDP) families would enter North Waziristan at Ghulam Khan crossing point between the two countries late on Monday. From Ghulam Khan, they will be transported to TDP camp at Bakakhel near Bannu. They would remain in the camp for around two to three weeks.

Malik Ghulam Khan a leading tribal elder has shown satisfaction over arrangements made for welcoming of these TDP families from Khost. He said that it was an old demand of North Waziristan tribesmen, from time to time, raised before high ups including present and the former chief of armed forces.

So far no official statement was issued regarding return of TDP families from Khost, Afghanistan. However, tribal elders informed that all these 200 families belong to Mohammad Khel and Payeekhel areas of Tehsil Miranshah.

Through some highly placed official sources, this scribe came to know that all those tribesmen upon return from Afghanistan will go through a well-planned and detail investigation and screening process of both civil and military authorities.

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