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Dispute over power rumbles amid fragile peace

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KABUL: The disagreement over formation of an inclusive government between the two leaders, President Ashraf Ghani and former Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah are still unbeaten, as both sides have been failed to reach a final result for power sharing even after exchange of six master plans between them. Some political analyst vows that the two leader’s lust over power is putting a negative impact on fragile peace talks.

“The plan between the two sides should contain two important issues; first it should build a national trust and secondly it should take steps for peace,” Shahzada Masoud, a political figure said. “Otherwise; there is no fruitful plan.”

A member of the parliament, Abdulzahir Tamim said, “They (Ghani and Abdullah) have engaged in their personal disputes, I think it is a big sham.”

Earlier, Abdullah’s office said that the plan of formation an inclusive government has been finalized and it would be share with the Presidential Palace.

“The scheme of the inclusive government will be submitted to the mediation delegation,” said Omid Maisom, a spokesman for Abdullah.  “Based on this scheme, the authority, responsibility and opportunities for the two top electoral teams are considered in the next government.” 

President Ghani and Abdullah have repeatedly emphasized to find a political solution for their political controversies but the disagreement between them has been lasted for a yearlong till now, as both sides seemed power thirsty, while Afghanistan is struggling with plenty of important issues such as peace process and the pandemic coronavirus.

“Domestic Political controversies have mistrust Afghanistan to the world,” said Aziz Rafi, a civil rights activists.

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