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‘Distrustfulness may throw peace bids into disarray’

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KABUL: Former Taliban envoy to Pakistan Abdul Salam Zaeef on Tuesday hinted at the probability that peace efforts might get disrupted due to lack of trust.

Zaeef wrote on his Twitter handle that peace framework tended to be fragile and thus there was always the possibility that it could be at any time disrupted by distrustful and numerous hostile actions.

These remarks by the former Taliban member come at a time when recent reports revealed that the Taliban have agreed to reducing violence in seven major cities of the country for a week.

Meanwhile, Taliban commander Mualvi Mansoor said that as long as Americans remain in Afghanistan, a ceasefire was not possible at all.  The stay of Americans meant Afghanistan was an occupied country, he said in an interview with Sky News on Tuesday.

Spearheading a group of fighters southwest of Kabul, he added the US must leave Afghanistan to pave the way for a ceasefire.

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