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Division and subtraction

By Nusrat Rahimi-Mathematics is a fascinating subject (add, subtract, divide) the vast majority of general population love to solve mathematical problems as a challenge. We humans the genius species  apply mathematics in our daily lives but not  for addition  though we utilize  it for subtraction and generally for division, we are divided into religions, countries (states), languages ,caste, clans, and so forth, and every nation believe that they are on the correct path, they are working for the betterment of their nation/clan/group but tragically it’s their perspective, the opposition has the same claims, yet unfortunately neither of them are accurate, this division has created a great deal of problems for us from centuries and, if we proceeded with the current state of mind, the current course , the situation will not be resolved, we should be open minded, if we want to flourish and if we truly desire peace and prosperity we have to consider being open minded, however humankind has been acquiring headway innovation yet the majority of those progression are in the field of annihilation, how to obliterate our alleged foes and they are doing likewise and what have we accomplished from this habitual pettiness, vainglory, this detest? We battled for a considerable length of time and still. Every nation speaks and consider building up their own country, yet for what reason wouldn’t we be able to contemplate developing the whole world, in the light of fact that we claim we want to make the world a developed place a better place to live or if we want to survive from extinction, we don’t require WMD’s we don’t need to create methods of killing others, we don’t require one develop nation, we require the entire world to be better and developed, that’s why every nation is at war with another every religion is at war with another, every race, tribe is at war with another, because we think we are correct and on the right path and others are wrong and we give ourselves the authority to kill others but if they do the same then we strike back, we retaliate  and this will go on for centuries, and we think it’s justified, however unfortunately it’s not justified, we are creating problems for our future generations, we are creating enemies for future generations , we are compelling them to live in fear, the division in our beautiful world will not accomplish anything but on the contrary it will take away our current accomplishments and future accomplishments(if any). In private organizations it’s said that teamwork and collaboration can achieve objectives and it has been demonstrated, and nobody can deny the positive effects of team work and collaboration on the objectives.

We are one race, to become more advanced technologically, more sophisticated, more civilized, and to achieve the objectives, we need to live and collaborate as one, we need to be one race and this way we can achieve peace and prosperity. In science fiction movies we often witness an alien race come and conquer earth and human race is annihilated, but in reality we ourselves are the means of our extinction there is no need for an alien race or flood, or another natural event to extinct the human race. At least we should give it a chance to live like one race, because we are one race HUMAN RACE.

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