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Dmitry Zhirnov criticizes dual standard of west toward terrorism

Interview: Dmitry Zhirnov, Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan


Kabul: Military reporter Vladelin Tatarsky was killed in a terrorist attack which took place in Saint Petersburg on April 2 this year and dozens of others were wounded.

The ambassador says “The lack of reactions to this attack from the so-called democratic West is typical. This is the same as the killing of Darya Dogina.”

Meanwhile he also added that the suspect has confessed about the cooperation with the Ukrainian intelligence, representatives of the Kiev regime and people associated with them.

A petition has been registered on the website of the President of Ukraine to change the name of a road in honor the person who is suspected of carrying out the terrorist attack.

This issue is a message for those who are engaged in extremist and terrorist activities and western countries are not condemning such actions.

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